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Talking Conflicted

Um hello ^_^

I'm a 23 yr old female who found, after I divorced my scumbag husband of three years, strong attraction to females in the form of a poly-fling. A married couple introduced me into the physical side of things, and I've found that emotional appeals to me as well.

I basically can't decide between a man or a woman anymore. I want both equally and have been shown hope in the form of polyamory. I'm single and have promised to remain so until I find exactly what I want/need.

But, hey, I'm not a monk

I'm currently in a program to break into the business of clerical work so I can support myself after my divorce. It starts at the end of this month (August) and I will have a tight schedule and won't have time for real life activities. I shall be an internet troll.

I'm shy but not timid and I am looking to find my way through these feelings and longings without driving myself insane. I'm an open book, I'm just awkward
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