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LMAO! D, you are so much fun.

The lube party is going great. Coconut oil is a GODSEND and frankly-we ALL LOVE IT!!



(side note of little importance-my 20 year old showed up unexpectedly today and helped me get the boards I needed for the deck (14 were 2x6x16 & 13 were 2x6x8).
Then the 12 & 5 year old helped paint the big wooden spools (4 of them).
GG is helping me unload the lumber and screw it on where it belongs on the deck.
Great productive day.
Maca worked and then went fishing (he's on the out of town job), yesterday they got halibut, today salmon and he's saving it to bring home! YUMMY!)
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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