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Well, it seems to be going okay that my co-worker is back. She doesn't appear to have any clue as to what kind of loss I feel and that's perfect for me. I feel the loss of Leo over again and of Ken. Double whammy these days but I am managing.

This past weekend I spent part of it on the island that my parents have a house on. The very one I talked about back in 2009 that they were about to build. The spend a lot of time their and invited all of us to visit this past weekend.

I made a nice dinne. My parents pulled the table out onto the deck and set it up with wine glasses and nice linen. I wanted to make a toast to PN and give him a gift for our anniversary.

When we had finished eating I pulled out a little box and a card for him. In the box was a music box that played "imagine" by John Lenon. The words fit how PN thinks and his hope for the world is expressed in those words. I raised my glass to our 11 year marriaged and shed some tears as I said to him and all those around the table that "I might share my heart with many but I married the right man."

It was a loving shared moment. We talked about our wedding day and LB asked questions. Mono sat back and looked content with the event. My parents loved hearing my heart felt toast and everyone was jolly
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