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Hi TornHeart,

I'm with NYCindie in feeling that a request to text daily would be oppressive to me.

I'm very independent and need a lot of time alone to write. When I am writing, I turn my phone off and don't check email. I can go all day like that, sometimes for 3 days straight. Those are the best days ever!

I would feel bad if the man in my life felt like I was neglecting him if I was out of contact for a few days. But I choose someone who is as independent as I am and our communication styles work well together.

You definitely have a right to feel that daily communication is a need of yours. But you should also understand that what may be a simple need for you might be emotionally and mentally exhausting for your partner.

Not because he doesn't love you or because he prefers the other girl--just because daily communication isn't something that works well for him.

When he's with his other girlfriend--you should consider that your "me" time. Go out with friends, take a trip of your own, go on dates, pick up a new hobby, take a bubble bath. TURN OFF YOUR ANDROID!!
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