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Default BF expresses interest in close friend. I feel weird..

So, my boyfriend C met one of my close friends the other day and today sends me an email saying that he really liked her and asking me how I would feel if he 'got to know her better'.

I replied and said friendship would be perfectly fine, dating would feel like an awkward mixing of connections to me. You know, since he asked...
The thing is, I have a husband and another BF, and I really don't feel I'm in the position to deny him a possible relationship with anybody. But, the thought that he would get involved with her makes me feel very, very weird.

Not so much jealousy for where he's concerned, I suppose I'm more worried about my friendship with her. We're pretty close, and share lots of intimate details about our lives (she's one of the very few people I talk to about my sex life). The thought of the 2 of them being intimate just makes me feel.... weird!
Now, because I know her pretty well, I'm quite sure that he's not her type. But, it seems dangerous to count on this, and I feel like I should be prepared for the fact that she might be interested. (She's been in poly-ish relationships before, the poly part would not bother her I think, although the fact that I am the part of the poly situation will possibly bother her).

So far, I did nothing but tell him 'that would probably be uncomfortable but I won't stand in your way' and gave him her email address (and told her that I did). I also asked him to keep me informed... I speak to her fairly often, and I really wouldn't like it if I heard something from her that I would have rather heard from him. But, even with that I have a hard time deciding where my loyalty lies!

Has anyone ever been in a situation like this? Could you move past the weirdness? Did it affect the friendship?
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