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I spent more time yesterday texting back and forth with D. He asked me more specific questions about what I've been up to in my love life, so I briefly mentioned how I didn't date much last year, but found The Hottie, The Gentleman and The Ginger all late in the year. How Hottie and Gentleman are now history, but things are going great with Ginger, and with miss pixi as well.

Finally I asked him if he's seen anyone since he left me. He says he has a gf now, they have been "kickin it for a bit." Finally he admitted she is not kinky and the sex has become stale and boring for him, though she enjoys it. She seems resistant to being more experimental in that realm. What could I say? Be true to yourself, don't deny your sexuality. No one wins in that scenario. If she is not satisfying in that area, dump her and find a kinky gf. *shrug* I felt kind of weird being his "therapist" after not having talked to him in 18 months.

Of course, I suspect he'd like to use me as an escape (he spoke quite specifically and fondly of times when we were together), but to his credit, he didn't ask. And I really have no desire to start seeing him again after he cut me off 18 months ago with no explanation anyway. Even if he does heartily regret doing that to me now, and very humbly apologized.

And I wouldn't start seeing him if he was going behind his gf's back, as that goes against my poly ethics.

Talking to him again, though, did make my day kind of rough, because it brought back memories of all the good times we had together for 2 years... sigh... My wound had been scarred over but now it's been reopened a bit. I needed alone time to process it yesterday. miss pixi was here and was comforting and then left me to think and feel and try to come to terms with this all over again.
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