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So, maybe I misjudged Fiona a bit. We have talked, and by talking I mean at least 6-7 consecutive texts (and one actual, almost hour long phone call), 3 out of the last 4 days. I initiated one, she the others. So, now we are falling into this very good friendship that we had BEFORE all the crazy poly stuff started. There is the underlying romantic feelings that we both still have, but we've established that it's never going to work so we're able to pretty much ignore it and just be normal! Woohoo! There will be cuddling, probably some crying, and possibly some sex when I see her in a few weeks, but I'm hoping we've finally established a good pattern.

I had to cancel date #3... I got a sudden fever, headache, and have been sick ever since. It's settled into a cold - which is absolutely horrible in the middle of summer, but it could be worse. I'm hoping I feel better Friday for the poly meetup, otherwise I may just skip it altogether and make sure other people are on the lookout for newbies to the group. If I'm going to find myself coughing every time I try to talk, I'm just asking for trouble.

Just under 3 weeks until my trip.. I'm super excited, think I have most days planned out (most of the plans are - stay home and relax and visit - my favorite kind of trips to see family). A good friend from high school is going to come hang out with me a bit (a 4 hour drive for her, so I really appreciate it). Mario and Fiona are coming to visit (overnight and a random day trip). And I believe all but 1 of my aunts/uncles (he lives in another state so he's excused) are planning on coming out for a cookout one evening as are most of my cousins and their kids. I get to visit the family I used to babysit for one evening (actually, I've allotted about 9 hours to spend at their house one day) AND my mom has worked out a way to make healthy-ish versions of my favorite foods. We've all been dieting, so while we usually use get togethers and such as an excuse to splurge a bit, a week long visit requires us stick to the diet(s) at least somewhat.

I've already started packing. haha
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