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Default Not sure what to do....single parenting,poly and kink....

I haven't been on here in a while, but I am back! I have dabble in poly relationships for quite some time, but hadn't found one that was quite the right *fit* for me, up until a couple months ago. I am a single momma to my 11 year old son, my partners, male and female live together. They are also heavily involved in the kink community, I am to a lesser degree because I am cautious about being a parent. I am very much in love with both my partners, and them with me, but things are getting rough lately.

My partners and I are constantly running into snags in regards to boundaries, because they have little to none. No boundaries in regards to new partners, one night stands, nada. I have some very clearly defined boundaries, which I believe are valid. My son's father who I am still very close with is so not down with poly. He has made it abundantly clear that it will be quite some time til he sees this relationship as something that will be healthy for our son to be around ( bearing in mind my son is not aware of this relationship as of yet).

I mention the word boundaries, and my male partner practically runs screaming. He thinks I'm being militant and that I care too much about what other people think. My female partner is trying, but her first thought was " I don't see how my life is bad". I never said anyone's life is bad - but considering my son's father now has a watchful eye on me, and even though friends want me to be happy, they think it's weird and disrespectful that my partners are trying to get in their pants.

My lovelies do not clarify their requirements and needs in advance, so when their emotional and physical needs are not met, there is a blowout. I love their flexibility and fluidity, but is it wrong that I feel there should be a stopping point somewhere along the line?

I so don't know what to do, ack.
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