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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
... This is my issue with D/s and these kinds of "contracts" when someone goes looking for a Dom, finds one, and in all their starry-eyed eagerness, gets into it with someone who's basically an unethical motherfucker who likes to be in control.

I have to disagree with the emphasis on the D/s bit. Anyone seeking a partner - dom, sub, vanilla, poly, mono - can choose to have shit for brains when evaluating a potential partner or how a relationship is going.

I really do think that poly NRE, kink subfrenzy and vanilla folk's 'love at first sight' are describing the same endorphin reactions. The symptoms are certainly similar.

[Preaching to choir begins now...] I think that one of poly's great gifts to everyone is the idea of NRE, how to recognize and manage it. Kink, at its best, can teach so much about consent. There is no need to be kinky or poly to learn 'best practices' from them. [Preaching to the choir over...]

The scenario above can happen to anyone, not just gullible subs. I'm certainly not denying that too many subs seem to lose their minds in a D/s haze and make poor decisions. But that's a danger for everyone.

Everyone, kinky or not, poly or not, submissive or not, has the responsibility to slow down, listen to their own instincts, ask questions, perhaps check in with other partners and friends, and generally act like an adult.
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