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Originally Posted by SharonItAround View Post
I know most the posts in this thread are at least 3 years old but am keen to read some peoples blogs about the success/failure of life as quads. We have been living in the same house in a quad situation for just over a year now an other people in the same situation are very hard to find!
I am curious if there is still anyone here watching this thread. My wife and I are in a very successful poly quad with another married couple who were our best friends prior. We have been together as a quad for nearly 6 years now and have worked through various issues and hurdles and now things are absolutely wonderful for all 4 of us. We do not live together yet but dream of it one day. We live very close together so when the opportunity presents itself (one high school child still at home) we manage an overnight together. Otherwise we spend all of our weekends together and additional time most weeks as well.

Have more to share if the OP is still around.
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