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It's a treat when my boyfriend calls me. It doesn't happen often. He's strictly electronic with me. Alot of it is a privacy thing, no real private time or place to talk during his day/evening. And he hates talking on the phone.

Between dates we always text or email. And that can cause issues - tone translation being the most common. (Was she mad? Was he joking? What's taking so long to respond, I needed an answer!)

But, on the other hand, I also now have a record of all the beautiful words , thoughts and sentiments that we have exchanged over the past couple of years. Occasionally I'll go back and read the extra special Saved messages and they warm my heart. As Cindie said, it's like the old days, writing love letters to each other, saving them indefinitely as keepsakes.

And, it can be fun to exchange the naughty texts, notes, pics. It sets the mood for the next date; our replies to each other are priceless!!!
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