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Originally Posted by mimi1002 View Post
He keeps telling me that it's not my job to fix it but I still feel the need to make it better. Any suggestions?
I agree with him. Her insecurities are her stuff for her to solve, but your reaction to her insecurities is your stuff. What's going on with you wearing yourself out to try to convince her to behave in a way that is more comfortable for you? How do you want her to act, and what would that way of her "being" do for you?

Moving in together is a huge change. Sometimes it takes some time for all to adjust, and sometimes it just doesn't work. I think the three of you have yet to see if living together at all is a good idea. Just because circumstances seem to say it's a good idea to move in together, does not in itself make it a good idea. Moving in together is the olympics of all relationships - and even more so with multiple partners.

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