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That's a good question. Mainly it comes down to consideration. He has been really inconsiderate of me since this began, we have had many many discussions about it but he has made no effort to be any different. It doen't help any that my Birthday is this weekend and he is more worried about when he can see her again than what I want\need for the weekend. He works all the time so weekends are the only free time he gets. My b-day is Fri, we cancelled our date due to finances, her and I are supposed to meet on Saturday and he wanted to know if I would be OK with him following her back to her place after we meet. She lives two hours away so he would more than likely be gone overnight which I have stated that I'm not comfortable with this early on as we have a 4yr old child. What's the hurry? Why not next weekend? I am a stay at home mom so I was hoping to get a little 'me' time this weekend away from the house and Mommy yeah, consideration.

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