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I am old enough to remember when I wrote letters and mailed them to boyfriends, and had to wait at least a few days to get a response. In 1990, I carried on a long-distance relationship for over a year with someone who lived in another country, and we did it completely via the mails, and not a single phone call.

I don't have a smartphone. I like it that way, as I never liked the idea of all my emails following me around, and texts are quite enough to deal with. A few years ago, I started using a Filofax again, after my Palm Pilot died of "Sudden USB Death Syndrome." Hey, if I drop my Filofax, I don't have to worry about damaging the data inside it, since it's all in pencil and pen.

I give out a Google Voice number which forwards to my cellphone (and no one has my real cellphone number). I can choose to have calls and texts to Google Voice forwarded to my phone. If I turn off the forwarding of calls, it goes to Google's voicemail and sends me an email notification. If I turn the texts off, the texts just go to my Google Voice account and I need to login online to see them and reply. So, I can have freedom from any potential barrage of messages, and I often choose to do that.

And right now, because I am broke, my cable/Internet has been suspended, so I have to go to a place like Starbuck's to get wi-fi and be online. I go home and have no tv and no internet, so I have begun listening to the radio again. Real radio signals, not internet radio, complete with constant adjustments to the tuner to get it in the right place for best reception. I can't rewind a DVR to hear again what was said, which means I have to pay attention.

I always say, technology is supposed to make our lives easier, not more complicated. If technology winds up stressing us out more, get rid of it. There are many advantages to an analog approach to some things.
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