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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Happy Birthday, dear! Sounds like a fun, sexy celebration! Woo-hoo!
Thanks! It could not have been a better time! I was glad both lovers made it so special for me, having considered my objections to how the last 3way date went. What a couple of sweethearts!

Wow, are you gonna text or call him? I would, if only to find out what happened and maybe get that closure you wanted.
I did text him after Ginger left and we texted back and forth a few times throughout the day. He humbly said he has an emotional IQ of about 0%, which was why he didn't explain earlier. I had thought he'd found another woman/women to have sex with, or maybe a deeper relationship, and so left me for her/them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. He'd graduated college while we were seeing each other and soon after that, gotten a high pressure job at Fidelity (he's great with numbers). So, the job got to be too much for him, he quit soon after our last encounter and moved "up north" and got an "attic room" to figure out where he wanted his life to go. Wish he'd have told me that sooner!

I teased him, asking if he was still in the woods, bearded, and living off roots and berries. But no, now he's moved back closer by, says he wants to stay in the insurance biz, but not in sales. Finally, I see around 1AM he texted asking how I've been.

Or to see him again...? I remember how much you enjoyed being with him.
Eh, I dunno. When we first met, I was looking for a casual relationship and good hard fucking. D suited me, and he was fun and funny and endearing. But he only got together when it suited him, usually just once a month. He never even spent the night.

Now that I've got Ginger, he has to offer what D did, plus so much more! I think I've got too much self respect to start up again with D, after what he did to me. I'm just glad for the closure. As far as his question, "how have you been," I've got too much to tell for a text!
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