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They ended up flogging me (my birthday spanks!) simultaneously, miss pixi on my back and Ginger on my ass. Wow, it was good, intense. I was in delicious subspace for an hour afterward. When I was able to move, I went to play a certain song on youtube. When I turned on my laptop, I saw I had an IM from my old boytoy D! As some of you might remember, he dumped me back in Jan 2011 with no explanation, no closure. It really nicked my heart. He apologized sincerely, and gave me his new phone number to text him if I wasn't too mad to talk to him.

What a blast from the past!

Around midnight, Ginger went to bed, and finally miss p and I had appetite for my cake. She'd bought one called Chocolate Binge and it was so good. She'd put candles on it, several small ones with animal print, and number candles saying 69. hehe! So funny.

Finally I went to bed around 1. I slept with Ginger and laid feather duvets on the floor next to the bed for miss p, at her request. She is comfortable sleeping on the floor... and liked being near us.

In the morning Ginger and I had sex when we woke in bed. He'd had time to think over all our STD statuses... miss p and I both having been tested recently. And apparently, he was feeling confident. We are now fluid bonded! It was pretty damn sweet to have him just slide on in without fumbling with a condom. After he came he said, Happy Birthday. hehe! The man has hardly ever had sex with no condom. Only when he and his wife were trying for babies. It seemed he enjoyed it.

We had a leisurely morning, all 3 of us. Chatting, cuddles, kisses and some more (somewhat more low key) sexual activity just before Ginger left around 2pm. I was glad miss p and Ginger had more time to get to know each other, they do like each other so much. I felt so pampered and loved by both of them. What a great birthday.
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