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I sympathize with part of your situation. My husband is getting back together with his GF of 1 year, they broke up because she cheated on him, I think she's a manipulative and untrustworthy person, he wants to still be with her. Of course your situation has even more heart ache because you are also hurting from the break up. ...

I highly recommend following LR's advice:

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I highly suggest scheduling a day a week that there is nothing-no reminders in front of you-about her-for the two of you to connect in your own relationship. That time to be used NOT TO DISCUSS THE ISSUES-but to connect in love and rebuild that solid foundation for yourselves.
We do this, sometimes more often than once a week. And sometimes when there are matters that really need urgent discussing (because they are pratical matters that need to be addressed) we will set a time: only half an hour of talk, then back to togethertime and reconnecting. Because before you know it, all the time your spend together, is spent having drama talks with tears and lots of emotions, and this is exhausting and doesn't really solve your issues anyway.

good luck!
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