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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
I guess I feel better having asked him directly how his wife felt about her very presence causing this woman pain,
just reread your post and wanted to comment on this line.
So you actually think my very presence and existence is causing my husbands GF pain?

Besides being a married woman, I'm also a secondary. My one BF has a girlfriend and though he doesn't speak in terms of primary and secondary, I would say she technically is his primary - they see each other much more often, share much more of thei lives and socail life, and are thinking about having a baby - if that doesn't make you primary, I don't know what does .
Sometimes I'm jealous, yes. But I would never ever say that this woman is causing me pain. It is my choice and my choice alone to be in a relationship with this man. Its up to me and me alone how I deal with everything that he brings into the relationship.
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