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found this old thread and it hit home:

i have been a member of this site on and off for a few years now. i used to be girlcaleb but i had some trouble getting my account back. when i was girlcaleb i was in a poly/open relationship. that is also when i met my husband and my ex boyfriend's new lady. so much has happened since then.

now i remember why i loved this site so much. i have to make myself sit down and actually read other folk's stories and thoughts. it is the only way i can process all the crazy in my own head. i can talk to my ex, my husband, and.... well, that's about it. so being here really makes a difference. nothing new on the updates today. i'm watching the other couples house right now and some other very important things. i love being here. it gives me a break from my stressful but good D/s relationship with my husband.

thinking about having another game night soon. the gang (as i now like to call the three people involved) has been really busy lately and i think we all need to just chill and be back in the same room with each other. it's been awhile. the hubby will be coming over here for lunch and the bf's hubby will also be here. so snacks will be served.

oh, one more random bit of rambling: not only are the four of us comfortable around each other but we both have dogs. my pup loves their pup. i can bring him over anytime i want. i am a huge dog person and if you wanna' love me you have to love my dog. right now the dogs are getting on my nerves. running and playing. it makes me smile to think that i've been this lucky. even though i want to turn around and tell the dogs to "BE STILL FOR TWO SECONDS!"

i'm happy here. now i'm going to search their fridge for snacks...
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