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Red face I'm A Push Over

I have always been a push over. In this current relationship it's more like run over and left as road kill. I feel uncomfortable with the thought of finding him a partner. I mean I am already a shy person and this demand makes me want to bury myself more in my shell. I love having sex with him don't get me wrong but some of his requests are a little over the edge for me. I need to know am I in the wrong here? It seems at times that he is living in some fantasy world. I mean what if his dream girl doesn't want a live in whatever I am. Our whole relationship has been f*ckd up from the beginning. He was with my aunt and then me and him went to a bar and got toasted and ended up in bed and 9 months later with a baby. Not exactly what was planned at all. I am very willing to open up our relationship bc I know that what is going on right now is not working. He seems to hold a lot of anger against me. GalaGirl would you give me some much needed advice.
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