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Default GalaGirl: Conversations Already in Progress.

'Tis my thread. Welcome to my brain. It's conversations already in progress in here. You just jump in and try to keep up. If you can.

But I wanted to have a single thread to dump the things I write to other people's posts that I want to come back to think about some more. Or things I just want to think about "out loud."

I asked my husband if he'd be ok with that (because it could give strangers peeks into our world. And he ought to know who is peeking at his panties.)

His response amused me when I asked him over email if he would be ok with it is below. We talked about it in person and then let it sit a bit and I reconfirmed before starting the thread. First panty peeks at my DH and me? And how we interact in a closed polyship of 2? With a polyamorous wired Wife and a monoamorous wired Husband that is poly-friendly?

Short answer: Yes.

Medium answer: Oh my, my! Oh Hell yes! Show those people your party dress!

Longer answer: Let's talk about it this evening. The risk is reasonably low to us and our family (though admittedly never non-existent) but I'm curious to see the direction you want to take this. I get off on you on so many levels. On the practical one I think you have a lot of non-muppet methodologies and ethics to share that I think others could greatly benefit from (and that particular slice of the world could use less Muppets).

On the "GalaGirl <---> Me" layer it shines a spotlight on the many ways we relate to one another that further Opens us to each other even if we never decide to Open to others. It also gives us experience trying these ideas and feelings on for size. Is this compersion, is this jealousy, how would I feel if you went out on a date (I've already been playgrounding that one), how would I feel about someone else tapping in to the whirlwind of energy that is you?

Of course on the pervy layer it appeals to my getting off on you exhibiting your panties for others to see and possibly get themselves off (you can't ignore the pervy layer, it's there after all).

Who knows, maybe getting a peak at your panties will feed someone else's relationship.

I love it when you get so wet that you spill all over,

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