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This has come up with us recently because I am pretty much INSISTING that Dude gets a cell phone.

We don't have a landline. I have to have my cell phone with me at all times for work. Dude and MrS pretty much share MrS's phone - whomever is leaving the house takes it with them (mainly because we are in the midst of car issues - so at any point they could need to be "rescued" by whomever has the other car - happened to me last week).

BUT that means that if me and one other person are out of the house the person at home is NOT AVAILABLE to me if I need them or they need one of us. (I get around this, a bit, by sending emails from my phone to the "stranded-at-home" person - but since NONE of us checks email regularly this is unsatisfactory, the "at home" person can actually send texts via the internet but neither of them has ever done it - I'm not sure they know how).

Don't get me wrong - I don't need to actually be in contact with them that frequently. I tend to send a text when I am coming home (i.e. "Need me to pick up anything?") or if I am going to be delayed ("Eat without me, don't know when I will be home.") I call at lunch and talk to whomever answers for a few minutes to touch base for the plans for the rest of the day. BUT knowing that one of them is "unreachable" drives me nuts...(OCD much?)

I told Dude that he doesn't actually need to give the number to anyone (he can give MrS's # and they can leave a message as they have been doing) - and, if he needs me to, I will promise to never call him unless it is a true emergency...but just knowing I could get in touch if I needed to (and that everyone could call for help if they needed to) would make me feel better.

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