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I'm sorry you are hurting.

Yes -- you could have set better boundaries before "going there." Now you know for next time. (No judging, just affirming what you have already found.)

In the meanwhile... Talk to your BF about where he thinks this relationship with Lacy is going.

You cannot really dictate what goes on with them -- that is for him and her to manage.

But you could ask, since it is a fresh break up for YOU, that when he is with YOU, he be with YOU. And not do texting or calls or whatever in your line of sight for a month (other time limit?) so you can have some drama free emotional space to process your break up feelings without getting triggered all the time.

I don't think that is an unreasonable thing to ask -- to keep his relationship with her to himself and on the quiet so you can have some emotional space for 30 days so you can begin break up healing. Do that first, then whatever the next thing has to be to come to terms. You always have to put your own oxygen mask on first, right?


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