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Default From the wife's POV...?

I realize everyone is different, but please remember as I ask that this is a completely foreign world and concept to me. And in fact, coming from a background of infidelity (x-husband's, not mine), I'm probably seeing things completely wrong.

But my boyfriend has told me from the start that things virtually never work out between a married person and a single person, and has told me specifically about instances where the (single) girlfriend thinks she's okay with things, and as her feelings get deeper, she started having a harder and harder time dealing with the boyfriend being married, until the very thought of his wife made her burst into tears.

For those of you who have been in the wife's position, knowing your husband's girlfriend is having a hard time coping with your existence--not trying to break you up or anything like that, but just simply having a hard time coping with something completely foreign to her--what goes through your head?

I picture the wife in such a situation being a little smug and feeling a little bit of ownership along the lines of 'that's right, he's always coming home to me.' Or possibly, being used to the situation herself, feeling like, "What in the heck is wrong with her?" Or perhaps looking down on her for being not quite so enlightened.

I'm just curious from anyone's does the wife regard these women and their difficulty accepting that he's married? (Men whose wive's boyfriends have struggled, I guess I'd be interested in your view of things, too.)
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