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Default Rationality

Yea - lots of good points made here by all. And it's a good illustration I think of how people are CAPABLE of being "reasonable & rational" about identified stereotypes. We can acknowledge they exist, understand that they are not black & white examples of possible outcomes, and (hopefully) proceed accordingly.
But I think the "big picture" proposition is what's important to keep in view. Point being that we can't - and SHOULDN'T - wage some kind of war on totally "eliminating" all stereotypes. I suspect we'll never live in a world without dangers and neither can we ever even have "all" (?) the facts we'd like to have to make judgments on. We rely on stereotypes to give us some starting point when we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory.
I think we've all used examples here that may have a lot to be improved on just in trying to illustrate a point, but for myself, I'm not distracted by that.
The world is full of crusaders and crusades - including all of us that are vocal proponents of a poly lovestyle. But is just another form of stereotype.
My point -and - stand is that it would not be a "reasonable & rational" decision to totally ignore a stereotype or worse - and this is often the case I've seen - to launch off in exactly the OPPOSITE direction simply based on the fact that we've identified a stereotype to be present.
In other words - using my (questionable) original example - it would be totally irrational, having seen (or even read about) dangers of sharks killing people in ocean waters, to adopt the attitude that it's all an unfounded example and I'm going to totally ignore it and dive in anywhere without caution.
And yes - I've seen people do this !! Believe it or not. Especially crusaders (there's yet another stereotype).
So, see the stereotype, acknowledge it, and proceed with caution relative to the particular risk involved. It's not there for no reason.

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