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Sar, I'm not focusing on her anymore. I'm focusing on you. Focusing on her too much is part of your problem.

Originally Posted by Sarcophagus View Post
but oh, damn, something already feels wrong just in the fact that I don't expect to be reciprocated.
Low self esteem again

Originally Posted by Sarcophagus View Post
Regarding her manipulative capabilities, it's not so much a fascination as it is something I just found interesting as a psychological study.
Not a fascination, just an interest? Same difference. You've got a catch 22 going on. That is - you're fascinated by the knife that cuts you - the manipulator who abuses you... the woman who cheats on you. Manipulation is a dark art. A part of you is drawn to it.

Originally Posted by Sarcophagus View Post
Academic... Psychological study...
You live in the "safety" of you head. Your heart is where you will find your self esteem. Go there.

Add together living in your head and your fascination with the dark art of manipulation, and what do you get? The place you need to go to unwind the catch 22 that causes your low self esteem. Unwind it, see yourself for who you really are. See your fiance for who she really is, and let go of her. You think you know her, but you CAN"T SEE the real her through your stumbling. Your "stumbling" is you giving up your power to a manipulator just to watch the show you are so fascinated by. The problem is, you're in the show.

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