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I've read the thread a few times-and not replied til now.
My first thought was "damn I hope RP reads this and replies (which she did)as I know she's a Dom with a BRAIN."

My second is
I am submissive (happens to be with my husband) and there have OCCASIONALLY been bruises that caught my boyfriends eye and worried him-because I do bruise really easy and something minute can cause a serious bruise depending upon location.

BUT-the bottom line is this

FIRST she is a mother. Anything else comes second and should NEVER be priority over the children's needs for BOTH PARENTS and all that entails. If she can't prioritize that-restrictions need to be put in place on the children's behalf.
There is another poster on here, dingedheart, with a horrifying story of a mom who wasn't prioritizing the kids and it had SERIOUSLY damaging effects on the kiddos.

SECOND-if her "Dom" can't prioritize and respect the responsibilities she has as a mother and a wife-they aren't doing their freaking job and therefore are not a functional, respectable or reasonable Dom.
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