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Originally Posted by Legion View Post
my opinion/perception of underlying principles:

1. Love is self-perpetuating in all its forms (romantic, platonic, agape, &c.). The more you love, the more love you have.
1. Love is self-perpetuating in all forms excepting romantic love. In regards to romantic love, the more individuals you love, the less you love each one. True, pure and legitimate romantic love is reserved for one person, all others are forsaken and forsworn.
This is an interesting theory. Note the underlining (mine) about a theory of love having limitations.

I suspect we couldn't get an accurate poll here on a "poly" area as to whether many people (mono) hold this belief to be true or not. I have absolutely nothing to contribute on that topic as it's not a theory I've ever heard debated in a group of (labeled) mono people.
But gut instinct says..........
I suspect folks choosing to live a mono lovestyle probably don't question the "possibility" of romantic love flowering (it's existence) but simply forbid any EXPRESSION of that love. In other words - it's a "concept" vs "reality" issue. I suspect it's the expression, the actions, associated with spreading love that constitutes the threat or breaking of vows. Whether "mono" minded people (as any large percentage) believe "love" to be a finite thing, somehow just doesn't compute with me.
But I'd love to hear (or see) a good discussion of this somewhere among a group of mono minded folk.
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