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Originally Posted by Sarcophagus View Post
Resistant to continuing without finding personal resolution to all of this. As I said, at this point it's either "deal with it and move forward" or "get out". Meanwhile I'm stuck in this mopey, spiteful standstill.
I'm trying to figure out if the primary reason she is with you is because she knows she can get away with "stuff". That's why I asked if you really are not sure if she is still manipulating you. You seem pretty casual about " I cheated, and I'm going to be with this other guy, so take it or leave it". A take it or leave it choice is not loving. Staying with someone like that when you really don't want to indicates low self esteem.

My questions are not about her anymore. They're about you. The only kind of person I can think of that would stay with a take it or leave it attitude like that is one who has low self esteem, therefore doesn't think he can find someone who will treat him with respect.

Is that who you are? This is a blunt and sincere question.
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