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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
One more thing... if it happens to be a black man that I am avoiding, I don't care if they are offended because they think I did it just because they're black. I hear this a lot listening to black men speak of it, say on TV or whatever: "Women hold their purses tightly when they see me approaching" or "Women cross the street when they see me coming". Well sure. If you were white, asian, etc., I'd still do the same. But if you've (duh) been a certain race all your life, then you've only experienced things AS a person of that race.
I took one English class in college called "Science, Technology and Feminism in Culture." It was all about sci-fi books/movies and a feminist critique of them. This was when I learned that feminism was not about bra burning and lesbians making all men slaves. I found that I agreed with feminism after all.

Anyway, the teacher admitted she had some hidden racism in her. She said she was on an elevator and a couple of black guys walked in. She found herself holding her purse tighter. She said she was very surprised by her reaction. So maybe it is more likely.

I grew up in the South where race is still a pretty big issue. When I moved to California, I would have people ask me why I always referred to race when describing events. Like I would say, "This black waiter was stiffed out of a tip by this white guy." They would ask me why race was important in that statement. I never realized it. I realized my statements were not racist, but it put race into every statement which could have hidden motives in it. So I made an effort to use less race and gender descriptions in my statements.

Now I am rambling...
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