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I have been vocally supportive and encouraging throughout, but continue to experience intense jealousy, especially when exposed directly to the physical aspect of their relationship. Due to K's previous living circumstances this activity has always happened in our home, and while I don't mind so much what happens when I'm out of the house, asleep, etc. having to hear, see, or be asked to remove myself from their presence in order for them to be physical with each other is 9 times out of 10 a source of minor or extreme discomfort for me.
This is what really stands out for me, especially alongside your feelings about her being more sexually *healthy* as you put it. You say that their physical relationship, when you're around, is what causes a lot of your discomfort. And it sounds like your discomfort understandably causes discomfort for your loved ones. So maybe it would be a good idea to broach the subject with them both? Just ask them if they could keep the physical side of their relationship to minimum when you're around/awake. I can understand that if you're up feeding a child you're probably not going to want to be hearing what they're getting up to and I would also feel somewhat uncomfotable feeling like I had to remove myself from my own house. You're home is a place that you're meant to feel calm and safe in. I think you need to make it that way again and I'm sure if you explain your needs to the two of them they will understand and what to help to make you feel secure.
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