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So I found someone in my match - long way away from me, with similar tastes in a lot of things - nothing about poly in her profile, but I figure - more friends are always good, right?

I never mentioned poly in the message - I talked about our mutual dislike of vampire books, our love of photography and owning a nice camera (I have a Nikon), and closed saying that if she wanted to chat, I would like it. Friendly, certainly not a come-on. her profile said that she was looking for "New friends, long-term dating and activity partners", so my message was firmly in the "friends" category.

Here was the response:
Well, Ciel, there aren't enough polynomials to calculate that amount of times some individuals try to explain the concepts of polyamory and polygamy. I'll be sitting in Polynesia practicing polytheism and using Poly-grip asking my pet parrot, Polly, if she wants a cracker before I get involved with anyone who even remotely thinks I would be interested in such a friendship. Perhaps it's a matter of my own polymorphic failures during the evolutionary process, but I prefer to think of it more in terms of I'm not buyin' what yer sellin'.

Besides, it would never work. I shoot a Canon 1ds Mark III.

Thanks for playin.
Wow. She's going to make friends REALLY quickly with that attitude!

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." - Native American Proverb
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