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A recent exchange on OKC with a guy who had obviously come to my profile through lovefromgirl's:

"I'm interested in your cult, Jim.
Or do you prefer Charlie?
David maybe?
Tell me more."

Which cult would that be?

The cult in which you apparently seduce girls half your age and convince them to allow you to do the same with whoever else you want.
If that's not Koresh-esque, I don't know what is.

OK, now I understand why you think you would be interested.

Here's the secret - be respectful and polite to people. They then treat you as an individual and can grow to like you for who you really are. If you are rude, or make assumptions about them, you come off as a total jack-wad and you never get anywhere and end up frustrated and on dating sites looking for women, while insulting other guys who have had the success that you fail to have.

You're welcome.

Oh, jealousy is obviously the driving force here.
However, again - has there ever been a notorious cult, except maybe for Heaven's Gate, that didn't have sexual immorality as a catalyst?
Not that I'm judging necessarily.
Monogamy is contrived.
But the sinister undertones of your seemingly harmless philosophy are unsettling.
I can see the headline now.
Aging hipster preys on naive adolescents with Daddy issues."

OK, then I won't send the recruiters around to your place.

Have a nice life.

"Listen, or your tongue will make you deaf." - Native American Proverb
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