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I was thinking along similar lines.

I don't like my cel phone. I ignore it. I hate texting. I only turn it on when I need to get a call from DH or we go somewhere that being split up and regroup-y happens and phone makes it easier to locate each other. (ex: theme park, renn faire)

He also keeps his cel phone use to a minimum -- mainly to reach me.

Internet and my adult dating life? Kinda grew together so while some aspects of it would have helped a LOT (ex: skype) than the more limited technologies available at the time with long distance relationships, I didn't really worry about it. We were young and broke student/entry level work age people in the 20's.

Internet access was not as widespread, and who had the money to cough up long distance phone bills? I enjoyed emails and weekend/night long distance calls when the rates were cheaper, and snail mail. For me actually -- the slower pace helped me ease into some of my relationships better.

I still do not worry about it, and I think anyone dating me would have to accept that I'm pretty firm about not having the digital leash called a "cel phone." Call my land line all you want but I'm not a texting queen.

I don't watch TV, and live a quiet life. Internet is probably the one thing I do too much because I love to read and it makes it easy to find new things to read.

I do check email often, but I don't much sweat it if it takes a week to get back to me. It does not have to be instant.

A friend of mine is younger and keeps having rship probs because they keep TEXTING each other when the conversation really ought to be in face time. It's fine to text "Where do you want to go to dinner?" but I feel like "Where do you want to go in this relationship?" needs to be face time. Or at least phone so you get tone of voice information. But best in face time.

They end up frustrated and getting into needless arguments because of the medium they are trying to conduct heavy conversation in.

And to be honest, I feel like they are disrespecting their own relationship. Text to schedule the heavy talk for Friday at 2 PM -- fine. But have the actual conversation as "live" as possible -- face time or at least phone.

Isn't the relationship worth the extra effort to intentionally clear a block of time to be in conversation with INTENT? Rather than impulse?

So weird to me.

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