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omg i just typed a long ass reply and lost it. boooo!

well, i'll keep it short. i'm being a good girl. i am so mad now that i lost all i was typing. oh well.

i talked to the hubby last night. so now all four people know that the feelings are there. but they don't know that i am the only one that knows how each one feels. all three have told me how they feel about it all. who likes who, how comfy they are with sex and whatnot, how they feel close to each other but still not willing to say anything for fear of rejection and just plain ole' tabooish stuff. i feel as if i am a card master at the blackjack table. all the players know the rules but no one is ready to show their hand.

i will be spending time at the other couple's house tomorrow. nothing fancy as uaual but i am looking forward to it. i will keep my hands to myself but my mind will be off leash

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