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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
This is also something we do often with regards to race. In the US, you are more likely to raped and assaulted by a white person than by a black person. Yet it is the black people we decided to avoid and walk on the other side of the street when they pass. We are making correlations based on inaccurate racial stereotypes. Comparing a group of people dressed in gangsta wear to old ladies seems a bit of a stretch for me because the information you're getting about one group (the old ladies) is more accurate than the info you're getting from the other. It would not be unreasonable to assume that if a gang of old ladies attacked you, you could probably take them or outrun them. So it's not unreasonable to dismiss any threat.
Well, don'tcha know, I cross the street to avoid just about any man, regardless of race, or presence / lack of "gangsta" disposition, when walking alone especially at night. I usually don't cross the street when the person approaching appears to be female. I am making correlations based on the stereotype that a male person is more likely to mug or rape me than a female person, but I have no qualms if my behaviour contributes to the marginalization of all males when it comes to preserving the safety of my person.
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