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Default love & solidarity from montréal

hey folks,

i'm a twentysomething male from montréal, québec. my partner and i have been dating for 3 years and in a domestic partnership for 2. we have been polyamor-ish from the beginning. but seeing as how i introduced her to the concept we have taken our time navigating our dynamic and laying out our groundrules. which are, namely, 1. bringing new partners in should happen gradually; 2. sex (penetration) is okay but again, gradual; and 3. no other partners in our home.

we have each had a few connections in that time though they have been mainly be short flings or long-distance romances. almost made me wonder if the polyamory label was the right one for our relationship as it seemed neither of had really been seeking out long-term serious relationships or "many loves".

things have heated up recently with both of us bringing in new people into the fray more or less at the same time. there are more layers to that story that we'll save for another time if ever i'm feeling the need to pick your collective brain power.

thanks for existing folks.

with love and solidarity,

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