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Entry #4

Iíve decided that I am not going to pursue a relationship with S for now. He is blaming everyone and anyone for the break up of his relationship with P. Heís publicly bashing the world and her for this, and that is not sitting well with me. If he canít hold his own baggage (thank you GalaGirl!), I donít want to be with him.

Iíve encouraged P to talk whenever she wants or needs, to either of us. I tell G to give her a bit of space, but to tell her he is there if she ever wants or needs to talk.

Iíve been chatting with a local guy, whom I will call JB. Heís cool and likes many of the things we like. He said last night heíd love to hang out with me and/or go on a date. So, maybe Weíll see. He has a more Ďfriendí vibe to me, which is fine as well.

Tried to have sexy time with G last night, only to be met with moodiness and a grumpy man. This morning was much better and has been lovey all day. I like that

So, I am attempting to alter my OKC profile. I feel itís too long and maybe too much info. If anyone wants to give me some help, let me know Iíll send the link if wanted.
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