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Hm. My libido goes up and down. When my 3 highly spirited kids were little, it was practically non-existent, b/c I was just touched out by them. Breastfeeding and cuddling them and co-sleeping (we practiced attachment parenting) left me w little desire for sex w my husband.

Once the kids got a bit older and were finally sleeping thru the night, my sex drive came back w a vengeance! I had thought it was gone for good. The last 10 yrs of my marriage were highly sexual, even tho we didnt get along in many areas and finally broke up.

One of the areas of contenetion was my tendency to get crushes on other people, movie or rock stars, or actual people I knew.

So, the last 12 yrs, I have had a v strong sex drive. I just love it, and I love getting attention from people who are interested in me sexually, as well as emotionally and intellectually. This is something I am working on this year, my first yr of freedom from a marriage that became terribly tiresome and stultifying.

I'm a woman of a certain age. I look OK for 54, but I know I've got an expiration date... I have to admit it's flattering to get hit on by younger men on okc.

So, yes. I want sex daily (if I dont get it from a partner, I will jill off). It's an important part of a relationship to me.
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