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Originally Posted by newtoday View Post
So...I'm keenly interested. Why is he to assume that I should be okay with him being with another partner... yet he obviously doesn't feel comfortable with that for me?
- Is it because it's his OSO, even though they hadn't shared that in many years, to me she's a new partner, should I have forced compersion?
- Is it because I'm Mono? Probably plays a role in that. I could meet someone and chances are I would leave him.
- Or is it a gender thing? As a working generalization, women tend to have emotional jealousy. Men tend to have physical jealousy. Yet I, as a female, tend to have more sexual than emotional jealousy. (or perhaps it's really envy!)

My girl would not want me to be with another woman, sex would be one thing, but if I loved another like I love her, she has said that she could not cope with that. She thinks this is unfair, and makes her feel like a hypocrite. She is asking me to accept something that would upset her so much if the roles were reversed. I dont mind, I have no intention of being with another woman in anyway. I love her so much and can't ever imagine being in love with someone else, so I like the fact that she does not want to share me.

I dont mind her having sex with another man, as long as she loves him. I'm not jealous of what they have, even the fact that he gets her off more than me. She was with him before me, and that helps, I knew what I was getting into from the get go, and yes, I admit, the fact that it turns me on also helps. Also, we have our own thing, and we both think that it is special.

Unlike you, I would more likely be emotionally jealous, but I'm not, and that's because I know how much love my girl and I share, and I know that the two of us and our small family come first, for both of us.
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