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Thanks to some unfortunate circumstances, my poor J- was forced to move out of his apartment this past weekend. I can say it is sad, since it means no more convenient place to go and hang out off campus during the day, but it has its advantages. Now he has internet! (yay!) My husband was laughing at me as I chatted with him over the face of the books and got him to download skype so I could send him some files. I cannot imagine how he lived without the internet.

It's the last week of classes and luckily all of these positive feelings will keep me from being too distracted to complete all the assignments and studying I have to do before Friday. >.>

It's probably kinda late, but I am also going to start going to the free counseling clinic on campus starting today. I think I need something like this so I don't keep relying too much on my friends for emotional support. They're way too good to me, but they shouldn't have to be my psychologists ^_~
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