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Can I just ask a question that's been nagging at me from Day 1 on this whole Poly thing?

No disrespect intended, just pure curiousity from the gallery of Mono minions.

I hear and read so often about Poly partners wanting to pursue a poly lifestyle and then dealing with the repercussions of their struggling Mono spouses. Is poly something that is SO innate, like homosexuality or breathing, something you HAVE to do, not something you can choose to do, like quit smoking or eat less, exercise more?

A few people on here are Poly and yet closed to other partners for various life circumstances, is it really that hard to be with your one life partner if it means that it makes them feel more secure?

Again, no disrespect intended, but I keep hearing that Mono partners need to learn to accept the tendency of the poly partner to explore that world; well, on the flipside, (playing Devil's Advocate) can't we say that the poly person could also be encouraged to accept a Mono lifestyle for the sake of the struggling partner? After all, it is their committed life partner, true?

Go at the pace of the one who is struggling the most, right?

Just my thoughts.
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