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There's a big difference between "more" poly and "better" poly. What folks most often take issue with is the implication that one person's poly is somehow inherently "better" than another person's way of doing it.

I even struggle with the "more", simply because if polyamory is the desire and ability to love more than one person, then how do you define "more" or "less" - by the number of people you can simultaneously love at once? By how many penes are in the current configuration? By some arbitrary valuation of the boundaries that have been set in a relationship in order to make everyone happy?

In the same way that I won't be running detailed comparisons of my various relationships to come up with a score on which is better, or which one I must love the most, I'm not going to come up with a score to determine who is "more poly" than me and who is "less".

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