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Assuming that the definition of polyamorous is agreed upon it seems reasonable to presume that there is a scale between monogamous and polyamorous. Clearly there is a distinction between one end of the scale to the other, right? I've seen you make numerous clarifications of this claim in previous posts (notably none of them have been quoted in rebukes) so it seems pretty clear to me that you are clear on your opinion and are entitled to it.

It don't see what the big deal is.
Lol - yeah. i think the problem in the conversation is that people think that being "poly" is a compliment. Not saying it isn't a good thing, but I'm not saying "poly" as if it's a compliment. If one couple is more poly than another, that doesn't mean that couple is better. It just means they're more poly.

Some couples are more poly than others because they choose to be; it's their goal. Some prefer to stay mono-minded with permissiveness and they have no desire to be more poly than that.

It's neither a compliment nor an insult to be poly.

But people here think it is, so if you suggest they're not as poly as others, they get mad! Not necessary to get angry or insulted...
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