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Default When to introduce a possible secondary to your primary?

Hey everyone, I'd like some advice!

So I've got an OKCupid profile currently and recently have a couple very nice women who I know I want to pursue friendships with. I am uncertain if these relationships will go any further, but I also don't know that they won't. I've hung out with one of them 3 times now, all 1 on 1, and the other one I've met with once.

Both of these women invited me out last weekend, when I mentioned this to my fiance, she asked if she was invited as well. I told her I didn't think so and she wasn't very happy about that. She wanted to meet these people too.

My question is this, when is a good time to introduce possible secondaries to your primary? My fiance thinks right off the bat should be natural and acceptable to start hanging out as a group of three. I'm worried that 1. it's too soon to introduce them (if I can't define the relationship, I think it's too soon) and 2. if I introduce them and we hang out as a group then the relationship might not build up to what it will be if we just hang out one on one.

To put it in perspective, this is the first time I've come across this situation. My fiance and I opened up a few months ago, and these are the first friendships I've started with interested women as a poly man. So any advice would be appreciated. Maybe I'm just over thinking things?
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