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Originally Posted by CrapEndOfTheStick
I'm about to say, "The open marriage is now closed.. No more Dom.. It's DONE." ...
This. If it's not working for you and she isn't making an attempt to make it work, this is what's left.

It reallyreally sucks, yet that's what it is.
I'm very sad for you. It does not sound like a good situation.

As someone in a marriage AND in a BDSM relationship with our girlfriend, as well as having kids, I can say that what you describe is crossing lines both in BDSM etiquite as well as what I think you have described as your open relationship.

It very much sounds like a 1 sided "openess". I have to agree with the above poster that it might be wise to close shop for a bit and regroup until the two of you can find some middle ground, if at all.

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