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Default Into about myself and my triad

Hello all.

I don’t want to be a lurker on the board so I thought I would register and say hello.

As I am seeing a lot of “stop posting personals here in the intro” I want to start by saying I am in an extremely satisfying and functional exclusive triad. I am not looking for anything but a bit of support, ideas, and maybe some guidance from time to time. I hope to share a bit of myself and my experiences. My life is confusing and hetic any help is quite...helpful.

So, about me. I am a 34 year old professional male who is part of an interesting, and loving triad (this is what is working for us right now). I am married to one wonderful woman going on 7 years and we have been dating another wonderful woman for about 3 years now. About 6 months ago our girlfriend moved in with us. This move has produced a massive amount of growth and change in all of us….My wife and I are poly-exclusive, and our girlfriend is polyamorous.

I have a pre-school child. We are all a bit concerned about letting others know about us and only a few open-minded family members know of our lifestyle.

Until recently I did not know that there is still a lot of discrimination around Washington DC when a white man and a black women go GROCERY SHOPPING together. We get more odd looks and headshakes when my girlfriend and I go out than when we all go out together. Very odd…and a bit upsetting.

Also some people, even very liberal people, are still extremely narrow minded about love and its definition. I am deeply in love with both women. A few friends who I have told about my lifestyle ask, “Well, who do you love more?”…..WHO DO I LOVE MORE??? I love them as uniquely as they are! It is so very different there is no comparison. They both have my respect, my trust, and my affections, but to quantify love down to "more and less"....grrr.

So, yeah, finding sites like this and reading some wonderful articles about poly lifestyle have shown me that not only can love be shared and not reserved but that in many ways it can be a richer and more fulfilling love for everyone.
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