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Only you can make that call.

  • Poly rship
  • less negativity
  • not to have to deal with depression or borderline personality disorder
  • not to live in chronic conflict
  • to decide if being uplifted sometimes makes up for the being mentally/emotionally drained a lot. You don't seem to enjoy the rollercoaster

  • Mono rship
  • to feel secure (is this possible with her conditions in a polyship?)
  • to not worry about abandonment (is this possible with her conditions in a polyship?)

I don't think either of you are bad people. But I'm not getting the vibe that you are the most in sync here. Neither of you is feeling esp emotionally safe -- and not because of mean partner, but because of the situation. Mismatched personalities/people.

And since 8 mos is not all that long? Perhaps other partners would be a better fit if both partner's cannot put in the work to address the mismatched places.

It isn't lack of love or caring it just... the situation. I also don't see the point of avoiding a split just to avoid a split. Be together because you want to BE together. And do the work to improve weak areas.

Not just be together because you want to avoid the ugh of a breakup.


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