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I would go out hunting for a special friend, but she gets very mean-spirited and difficult to deal with when she knows I'm with someone else.. god forbid, she thinks the girl is better looking than her.. doesn't matter what I say.. besides, she has her time all booked up.. If I told her I wanted to go out, she wouldn't cancel her plans, she'd just make me take the kids to their aunts, and they'd cry that Daddy is leaving... also, running against me is that I have a neuro-muscular movement disorder that came upon me over the last year or so, and it lays me low on a semi-regular basis.. On those days, I have to take the kids to their aunt's to watch them, because it is beyond my physical abilities to do so.. so then I have to feel like I'm abandoning my kids and I feel like a completely worthless piece of guilt-ridden crap.. If she would just stay home on those weekends when I'm physically messed up, the kids would be happy, I would be happy, but I guess she wouldn't be.. I don't know.

I do thank both of you for your responses.. you've definitely given me some things to think about here...

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