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I always state my oppositions to whatever she's proposing calmly and along with my rationale.. She goes straight into the arguing place.

I forgot to mention that I have spoken with her Dom about all of this, on several occasions for several different issues, and though he says, "Okay! Not a problem! You're her husband, you have the final say on what we do.", he doesn't follow through on his end, and I have a strong feeling that my wife is the one that tells him "You don't have to listen to him, Master!", and he isn't difficult to sway because he didn't want to respect my wishes anyway.

On top it all, this wasn't the way is was supposed to be.. She was supposed to have her playmate, and I was supposed to have a playmate.. but she is too jealous for that, and apparently I am too respectful of her wishes in that respect. Am I being a pushover? She says that I'm the one who is selfish and don't want to respect her needs. Am I? The irony is that I'm not even really vanilla! I have some pretty solid kinks of my own, but I don't force them on her, even though she basically has blocked me from finding a playmate of my own to enjoy my fetishes with... She's also said that she doesn't want me to even try to learn the BDSM lifestyle and become her Dom.. "It wouldn't be the same." she says... I'm really bitter, exhausted and confused here...

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